Talking with angels

Talking with angels

I welcome you, dear soul!

If you arrived on this page, you were attracted by certain information and resonate with it. And since nothing just happens by chance, the Universe sends us signs that will give us confidence and help us discover the gift we were born with.
My name is Madalina Marcus, and since my childhood I have felt a strong connection with the light beings and, in particular, with the angels. As I grew up and became an adult, I began to ask for their guide and help, more and more often. Today, I am a initiated guide in angels therapy and in theta healing practice. With Oracle cards, I send angelic messages to those who resonate with these forms of energy.

Le Petit Marc is a concept in which we wanted to harmoniously implement this angels guidance so that every product ordered comes with an angelic message. Through this message you will receive only what is useful and beneficial to you, taking into account your evolution line and your life purpose.

What are Angelic Messages?

You must have heard that each of us has a guardian angel or perhaps even more. You certainly felt at times of difficulty that you were protected or prevented from certain situations. Their purpose in your life is to stand near you unconditionally, when you ask for their help.

The Angelic Messages brings gentle answers and guidance, full of love and encouragement from the angels. They provide guidance and always present things from the highest point of view, helping us to see everything as a process, a lesson, a evolution.

How is an Angelic reading going?

The initiated guide in the angelic therapy connects with the angels and aligned with his intuition is receiving messages related to certain life situations or the purpose of life. This is how an angelic guide works: It shows you an optimal situation, it gives you the positive advice you need at the time. Angels always help us, it depends on us, to be on the same frequency with them, to hear the messages, to follow them and, of course, to ask for their help.

What you have to do?

If you placed the order for your child, you will receive the “purpose of life” message and you will find out what surprises have prepared the angels for their own life.

If this order is for you, think of a question that you want an short and simply answer. When you will open the package, you'll have a surprise! Along with your product you will also receive an angelic card, which will be the resolution of your question. Observe the first impressions intuitively. Empty your mind and open your heart to receive the loving guidance of the angels. Remember the message of the card, and see what connection it forms with the situation you want to respond to.

On the order form you'll be guided step by step and learn how to get your angelic reading.

I, Madalina, am the voice in which the message of the angels reaches you and wishing you a unique and wonderful experience with the angels and  Le Petit Marc.

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